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Welcome to the on-demand version of the Spousal Protection Masterclass: How to Protect the Inheritance of Your Spouse

To attend the LIVE and FREE Q and A session with asset protection attorney Darol Tuttle each and every Saturday simple click the “Office Hours” link below and entre the passcode.  The true value of Office Hours is to answer questions and discuss with other Family Leaders estate and asset protection planning.  Office Hours is a Zoom meeting and, dare we say, as fun as it is informative.  

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LIVE Office Hours

Click the link to attend Office Hours immediately after today s presentation. You will need the PassCode which is "BoomX"

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To start your plan, as shown in today's presentation, click the button. You will need the Coupon Code which is, wait for it, "BoomX." The presentation shows you how to EASILY create a Spousal Protection Plan to include Wills, Spousal Protection Trusts, Financial Powers of Attorney and a full set of health care documents.