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The Family Leader membership level is the best way to learn about estate planning, asset protection, and family wealth building.

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My family has always been rich, and sometimes we’ve had money.

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Family Leaders Learn to Protect Family Wealth

Our Family Leader Membership acts as a fortress around your family's financial security. Through comprehensive courses, personalized legal planning drafting apps, and direct engagement with a leading asset protection attorney, you gain the ability to create robust strategies that shield your wealth from all angles. By mastering the intricacies of long-term care choices, payment methods, and the pitfalls of traditional approaches, you secure the means to proactively address potential financial threats. With this knowledge, you not only protect your family's legacy but also empower yourself to make informed decisions that resonate for generations to come.

Family Leaders Lead

The Power of Collective Learning

In our Family Leader Membership, we believe in the strength of learning from one another. Your journey is enriched by the diverse perspectives and experiences of fellow Family Leaders who understand the challenges you face. Engage in vibrant discussions, ask questions, and share your insights in our exclusive online community. With the guidance of Darol Tuttle, an accomplished asset protection attorney, this platform becomes a hub of knowledge exchange, enabling you to refine your strategies, make informed decisions, and navigate the complexities of the medical cost crisis with confidence.

The problem we will solve

The solution can and does protect wealth against all four threats to wealth if properly implemented. However, this course will dedicate one lesson to the crisis in America - out of control medical costs. You will learn how the long-term care industry works, the choices available, and how to pay for care. Then, you will learn why these traditional methods do not work and what to do about it.

How We Solve It

Our innovative approach to addressing the pressing issue of out-of-control medical costs lies in the heart of our Family Leader Membership. We understand that true wisdom often emerges from shared experiences and the guidance of experts. As a member, you will become part of a vibrant online community, where Family Leaders like yourself, as well as our seasoned asset protection attorney, Darol Tuttle, come together to share insights, strategies, and lessons learned. This collaborative environment fosters unparalleled learning, enabling you to harness the power of collective wisdom and expert guidance.

Why It Is Important

The significance of tackling the medical cost crisis cannot be overstated. With healthcare expenses spiraling, families are vulnerable to financial instability. Our Family Leader Membership equips you with the understanding, tools, and strategies needed to navigate this challenge with confidence. By arming yourself with knowledge, you ensure that your loved ones receive the care they deserve while safeguarding your hard-earned wealth.

family leaders grow and protect family wealth

You will learn how federal law helps those who implement it correctly prosper. As such, this course will introduce you to the concept and value of family wealth.

The badge of honor

Family leaders are a unique group

Every Family Leader believes in the benefits and importance of planning to protect their assets. They take interest in the subject matter. They show up. They learn from each other. They do what others won't. In short, Family Leaders lead.