A brand by accident

In 2015, Darol sent in an audition tape to pitch the idea of a legal talk show on Seattle’s biggest radio station as part of the Pacific Northwest Lifestyle Weekend lineup. The station loved the idea and came back with just this feedback, “you need to cast a wider net. Our audience consists of baby-boomers and x-geners.” Responding to this request, Darol submitted the pilot episode. He hadn’t thought of a name for the show yet. As a placeholder until the station gave it a different name, he dubbed that first draft the “BoomX Show.” Get it?  BabyBOOMers and Xgen? BoomX. 

When the show was put into the schedule, and the ON AIR light went on for the first time, the intro loudly announced, “Welcome to the BoomX Show. And that was it. BoomX became a brand by accident.

Jack Tar

In 2019, Darol spent time on the Caribbean in Puerto Rico. The island has a definite pirate vibe. Knowing the BoomX Show would go to a podcast version and planning to relocate to Puerto Rico, Darol wanted to provide a different feel for the podcast. Frustrated by the constant commercials on the radio, this was a chance to provide the same valuable content but in an unconventional way.  

Jack Tar is an old Royal Navy term for an experienced seaman. Jack Tar is an Old Salt. That seemed to describe the show’s host perfectly.  The logo was modified to include a representation of Jack Tar, shown here. 

Cover Art

Most podcast cover art depicts the host of the show. This celebration of personality was not a consideration in the BoomX Show’s art. Rather, to give the pirate look, the art includes the suggestion of a pirate ship and Jack Tar towering above it like the moon rising over the ocean. 

By Season 2, there were no references to Jack Tar. It seemed inappropriate, considering the subject matter of the show. Maybe he will re-appear one day.  

Don't let a good brand go to waste

The Academy is a logical extension of the podcast. The podcast is just one way the Academy is able to present concepts to its audience. The home of the podcast is on the Academy website, for example. The logo of the Academy replaced the somewhat menacing appearance of Jack Tar with that of an inviting, open book.