the Guarantee

Quality questions create a quality life. Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.” — Tony Robbins

Our refund policy:

We will refund your fee within the first 14 days of purchase if you’re unhappy for any reason.  We will not even ask you why you want a refund. Simply email the BoomX Academy founder, Darol Tuttle, and he will process your refund within 5 business days.

What we will cover between 15 and 30 days of purchase:

Let’s face it, some folks like to take any advantage.  Our refund policy is generous.  we figure that it should take no more than 14 days to see our work product and determine if meets expectations.  However, we will also refund 100% of the price you paid for documents if you purchased them 15-30 days prior to the refund request.  All we ask is that you schedule a 15-minute Zoom meeting with Darol.  The purpose of the call is to learn first-hand the reason for the refund request so that we can improve the user experience.  That’s all and it is fair. 

When it applies:

We can’t guarantee specific legal outcomes when you use our products.  Using the site, taking the courses, and/or purchasing documents is analogous to a Do-It-Yourself project.  Just like refinishing your own hardwood floors, you assume the risk if you apply the wrong stain. Put differently, you agree that you are purchasing legal documents by a one-time software license to use the drafting app.  The benefit of this approach is obvious – it is far less expensive.  

One advantage to the Academy as compared to other platforms that sell documents only is that those Family Leaders, i.e., members of the Academy who pay $44 per month, are able to attend weekly Office Hours, read exclusive Legal Guides, and are enrolled in three courses.  However, every student is different.  People vary in their ability to learn and implement even simple plans.  As such, we do not offer any guarantee that attendance in a course automatically guarantees that you will follow through and execute the plan correctly.  We believe that you will receive more information, knowledge, and Q and A time than you will if you hire most attorneys.  But, it is up to you to attend, learn, and implement.