About the Academy

About the Academy


BoomX became a brand by accident. 


Is the internet ready for the kind of conversations that, until now, has only happened in conference rooms of expensive law firms?  Are you ready?

BoomX Nation

Law firm clients do not know each other.  Lawyers do not facilitate conversations among like-minded firm clients to learn from each other.  Why should they?

BoomX Academy

Law firm clients do not understand what their attorney is saying.  Lawyers are not educators and they are not paid to give firm clients the depth of legal knowledge that is required. 

BoomX Show

A radio station broadcasts a signal through the air.  The station’s scheduled programming is heard by those in proximity to the building in which the radio station resides. 

BoomX wants to change all of that

BoomX seeks to provide education, community and solutions in a non-traditional way to increase legal and financial literacy and reduce the cost to the BoomX Nation member. 


How do I contact BoomX staff?

We are just gonna say it.  Email sucks.  Whew! Glad we got that out there. Feels so much better.  

Any who.  The only way to reach BoomX staff is to become a FREE member and direct message the “Leader of the BoomX Nation.”  That’s Darol Tuttle.  Once a member, you can find him in the membership directory. 

does boomX provide legal advice?

No. BoomX is not a law firm.  Although owned by an attorney, BoomX provides education, an online community, produces a podcast and offers solutions related to retirement, estate and money planning.  BoomX does provide some forms but the Nation member chooses the provisions the form contains.  

What is your mailing address ?

Our physical and mailing address is:

97 Calle Las Flores
Enseneda, PR 00647

How can i reach jack tar ?

You don’t want to meet Jack.  If you see him, set sail and run like the wind blows. 

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