Free Live and On-Demand Courses

Free Live and On-Demand Courses

BoomX Academy offers free courses on estate, retirement, health, and asset protection planning. Live asset protection webinars are conducted monthly. You may register for the next live event by clicking this link.

The Academy offers two membership levels: BoomX Citizen and Family Leader. BoomX Citizen is our free membership level. Citizens are automatically enrolled in two on-demand courses: 1) the Asset Protection Masterclass, and the BoomX Show: Companion course.

If you have not joined us

It is absolutely free to join us as a BoomX Citizen. Simply click the button and sign up.

BoomX Citizens may access the on-demand courses anytime

BoomX Citizens have access to two on-demand courses and a live webinar. The first on-demand course is the BoomX Show Companion Course.

The Companion Course adds additional content to many of the podcast episodes if warranted. The course also offers an AI generated transcript of the episode and, on occasion, links to resources to help Citizens understand legal and financial concepts and implement their own asset protection plan. The Companion Course content includes legal tips, abbreviated lexicons of legal terms, audio and video tutorials, as well as illustrations.

In addition to the Companion Course, this site is also the home to the BoomX Show podcast. You can listen to each and every episode of the podcast. A sample episode can be found below.

Asset Protection Masterclass

In addition to the Companion Course, Citizens are enrolled in the Asset Protection Masterclass. This course is in a LIVE and on-demand format. It includes lessons and a live webinar, infographics, and a masterclass register. You may register for the live webinar by clicking this link. When you register, you will be directed to site again to register as a Citizen. You may access both courses from your Citizen’s dashboard.

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