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The Stock Investments of Geoffrey Hinton

As A.I. expands, so will the demand for products and services that support the vast machinery of this new technology. Gain insight into a new way of looking at these opportunities by looking at the investments of the man who is crediting with creating artificial intelligence, Geoffry Hinton.

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Family as a Wealth Collaborative

Many with wealth keep its existence in secrecy, cloaking it even from family. At the same time, parents expect their children to take over in the event they are unable to manage their own finances. This is not a successful mindset. Think of wealth as so mundane there is no reason to hide it. Your children will own it soon anyway.

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What A Rooster, A Beach And Earthquakes Taught Me About Resilience, What Is Important And Investing

What would you do if, suddenly, you could not buy food. And you were afraid to sleep inside your home. Your neighbors decided to leave. A man who lived a block away committed suicide? How would you plan for the future if you just lost your job?

A swarm is what geologists call the grouping of earthquakes that have hit Guanica, Puerto Rico. Swarm is as good a name as any to describe over a thousand earthquakes in such a small area, many above 5.0 and at least two above 6.0. While there has not been a “big one”, a single massive quake to bring sudden and dramatic devastation, the constant month-long shaking of the homes, road, stores and spirits of Guanica has been even more cruel if not as renowned.

This tragedy is also headquartered in the one place on earth I intended to call home. I had spent impactful moments there. Playa Santa, just outside of Guanica, was the location of a lovely apartment with a view of the Caribbean. The landlord had my deposit in escrow and only my signature on a lease awaited. I had gone to a remote beach every other day to clean the plastic from it. I yelled at Playa Santan roosters that just had to wake at the playful satanic hour of 4 am. A lot had happened in such a short-time in Guanica and Playa Santa, the launch of this very podcast as one example, that I just had to tell the story of my time there and the friends who still struggle there.

As if on cue, however, the episode does succeed in laying out an investment idea. Really, this idea is an investment method. I first heard of it from a client about a year ago. I keep this method tucked away until the very last moments of the podcast.

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How to Make Decisions About Wealth Quickly and Accurately

What does decision making have to do with the Laws of Money or Lessons of Life for that matter? Everything. Effective decision making is a skill. Some people have honed this skill, most have not. As people age, they become more ensconced in their own particular cognitive biases. What is a cognitive bias, you ask?

A cognitive bias is a systemic pattern of deviation from rational thinking. Mr. Wikipedia lists over one-hundred biases. It is fascinating that there are so many identifiable ways the human brain will fight you in the struggle to make the correct decision.

I recorded this episode the day after I sent an email to my email list.

In this episode, I reveal one such cognitive bias and an exercise I developed to help those who are plagued by this mental hiccup overcome it.

Wealth is made up. It is an idea and does not exist in the physical universe.

Now, the bias and my solution? Listen to the episode and find out.

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